Will Deer Drink Water Given Outside? – Myth Vs. Reality.



Deer will drink water if you put it out. However, it’s important to understand the potential consequences of doing so.

When considering offering water to wild deer, it’s crucial to acknowledge their natural drinking sources, as well as their behaviors and how providing water could alter them. The majority of wild deer get all their hydration from the food they consume.

Deer are self-sufficient and can locate food and water sources on their own. Depending on your location and the time of year, offering water could have negative effects on deer and other wildlife populations. It can also encourage deer to graze in areas they wouldn’t normally, leading to overgrazing and habitat harm. However, in areas with little to no water sources and little chance to negatively impact the population, providing water during a drought or dry season may help deer survive.

Will Deer Drink Water Given Outside? - Myth Vs. Reality.

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Understanding Deer Drinking Habits

Deer are known to be quite selective in their drinking habits. While they can drink from natural sources such as rivers and streams, they can also drink from outside sources like birdbaths and swimming pools. Deer are particularly sensitive to the scent and taste of water, and they will be cautious about drinking from unfamiliar or contaminated sources.

The frequency of deer drinking water varies depending on factors like temperature, food sources, and their individual hydration needs. These factors can also affect the quantity of water they drink. It is important to note that providing outside water for deer is not necessary, but it can be a helpful supplement during times of drought or when natural sources are not easily accessible.

Debunking The Myth

Debunking the myth for years, the myth that deer do not drink water given outside has been circulating around. While it may seem plausible, scientific evidence proves this myth wrong. The idea that deer require only the water that they find in the food they eat is mistaken.

The truth is that deer must drink water every day, just like any other animal. The origin of this myth is unclear, but it’s possible that it comes from the observation that deer sometimes get enough water just from the plants they eat.

However, this is not always the case, and water is still an essential factor in their survival. Whatever the reason is for this myth, it is crucial to debunk it and ensure that deer are not deprived of the water they need to survive.


Reasons To Provide Water To Deer

Deer are graceful and fascinating creatures, and providing them with water can be beneficial. Offering water will encourage deer to visit your land more frequently, which will give you a chance to observe them. Additionally, it helps deer digest food and regulate body temperature.

There are many safe and effective ways to provide water to deer. Making puddles near feeding areas is an effective method, while water tanks and natural springs are also popular. Attracting deer to your water source is an excellent way to improve your land’s wildlife population.

Consider placing a few salt licks near your water source for added value. By providing water to deer, you are not only meeting their basic needs, but you are also helping to maintain their ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Will Deer Drink Water If I Put It Out?

Will Deer Drink Water From A Bird Feeder?

Deer can drink from bird feeders if they’re low enough. They’re attracted to water and will look for it wherever it’s available, including bird baths and troughs.

How Do I Attract Deer To Drink Water?

Deer prefer fresh, clean water sources, such as ponds and natural streams. However, they’ll also drink from birdbaths, troughs, and water stations.

Can Deer Get Sick From Drinking Stagnant Water?

Like any other animal, deer can catch harmful bacteria from contaminated water. So, it’s best to provide them with fresh, clean water sources.

Should I Add Anything To The Water To Attract Deer?

It’s not necessary to add anything to the water, as deer are attracted to fresh, clean water. Adding anything could even be harmful to their health.

Do Deer Drink From Swimming Pools?

Deer have been known to drink from swimming pools, especially during hot and dry weather. However, adding chemicals to the water can be harmful to their health.

What Is The Best Time To Put Out Water For Deer?

It’s best to offer water sources year-round, especially during hot and dry weather. However, deer are most active during early morning and late afternoon.


After conducting thorough research, it is clear that deer will indeed drink water if it is put out for them. Whether you provide it in the form of a natural water source or a man-made one, deer are intelligent creatures that know how to quench their thirst.

However, it is important to remember that placing large amounts of water in one area can attract more than just deer. Other animals, such as bears and raccoons, may come to partake in the water as well, which can lead to potential conflicts.

If you do decide to put out water for deer, it is recommended to do so in moderation and only in areas where it is permitted. Always remember to prioritize the safety of both the deer and nearby human populations.

Overall, providing water for wildlife is a great way to foster conservation efforts and help ensure the survival of these beautiful creatures.


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