About Us

Our Mission
Were you ever confused about which product you should buy for camping? Or maybe you already bought a product, and later you found out that the product was not for you. Well, I have experienced both of these issues.
This is us Gear Guide Pro, a team of professional outdoor campers. We have experienced all the camping tools you can and can not imagine. Our mission is simple: to create a practical, honest outdoor gear review for you.
We believe the best reviews come from real-life experiences. Without real-life experience, you wouldn’t know what you will need, when you need it, or how to use it. This is not just any type of common sense that someone for the first time will know.
We introduce you to our reviews as “reviews that you can trust.” Besides, we write for different situations and different budgets. You will know precisely what you have to buy and which gear is the best in your budget.

Want to know how we do it?

  • We select an activity. Example: fishing, hunting, camping
  • We choose the top products for these categories
  • We buy all the products that we will review
  • Then we take a professional tour. Didn’t understand? We take a professional with us on camping, hunting, or fishing.
  • Then we, ourselves, use all the tools possible to complete activities
  • We rank the products according to their usage, budget, and quality
  • Then we write a full review of our journey

Independent Product selection

  • Remember, we do not give false reviews. Moreover, our selection of products is entirely independent. It is not like some companies paid us, and we shared a good review. That’s never going to happen. Honesty is the secret to our website. We also talk about “How to use this & that.”

What to expect from Us?

  • learn how to use gears in a specific situation
  • learn how to deal with a new challenge in a unique situation
  • guide to fishing, hunting, camping
  • Necessary things that you should take with you to camp
  • Best places for some activity. Example: fishing, hunting, camping