When to give up on looking for a shot deer



Stop looking for a shot deer after 8-12 hours. If you continue searching too soon, you could disrupt its escape or push it further away.

Instead, give it time to bed down and investigate again later. When hunting, knowing when to stop looking for a shot deer is crucial. Waiting for too short a time can lead to scaring away the animal, making it harder to track. Conversely, waiting too long may give other predators a chance to claim the kill. Finding a shot deer is a waiting game that requires patience, knowledge of the terrain, and good tracking skills. In this article, we will discuss the factors that influence the amount of time you should wait before looking for a shot deer. Understanding these factors will help you know when and where to search, improving your chances of a successful hunt.

When to give up on looking for a shot deer

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Understanding Deer Anatomy

Understanding deer anatomy is crucial for hunters to determine when to stop looking for a shot deer. Heart shot and lung shot are the two most common shots. Fatal shots happen when the deer is hit in the heart or both lungs.

Non-fatal shots occur when the hunter misses the target or hits other parts of the deer’s body. To determine the right shot placement, hunters should understand deer’s anatomy and behavior. Remember to aim for the vital organs and practice your shooting skills before hunting.

Immediate Response To A Shot Deer

After firing a shot at a deer, it is vital to act immediately. Observe its behavior, check for signs of hit, and identify blood trails. Often, a shot deer will stay put for a few moments before fleeing, allowing for a possible follow up shot.

Keep an eye on the deer’s movement and take note of its last known location. Don’t rush after the deer too quickly, as it may still be alive and dangerous. Instead, wait for a few minutes before tracking it down.

Once you locate it, check for vital signs before approaching. Remember to be patient and cautious when dealing with a shot deer, as it will be under intense stress, and you must approach it with care.

Factors That Affect Tracking A Shot Deer

Factors such as terrain and weather conditions can affect how a hunter tracks a shot deer. It is advisable to stop looking after a certain period of time. The time of day and hunting season can impact the ability to track a deer effectively.

Hunting skill and experience also affect how long to look for the animal. These are all important considerations to keep in mind when tracking a shot deer. Not finding a deer can be frustrating, but it’s crucial to take the safety considerations and never let emotions hinder good judgement.

How Long To Wait Before Giving Up

When should you stop looking for a shot deer? After shooting a deer, it’s common to accept a tracking timeframe of 30 minutes. However, factors such as high temperatures or improper shot placement may require more patience. Some hunters even wait up to 24 hours before continuing to search.

Extended wait times may increase the likelihood of finding the deer, but it’s also important to consider their suffering. If the deer’s injury is severe and they are unlikely to survive, prolonging their suffering is unethical. When searching for a shot deer, it’s important to strike a balance between humane treatment and successful retrieval.

Always consider the circumstances and make a responsible decision.

What To Do If You Still Can’T Find The Deer

Once you’ve searched for a shot deer with no success, it’s time to consult with other hunters or professionals for further advice. They may suggest the use of tracking dogs, which can help you find the deer’s trail. If all attempts fail, it’s crucial to move on and learn from the experience.

Next time, make sure you aim for the right spot and wait for the deer to settle before taking a shot. Always keep your calm and composure and remember that hunting is a learning process. Seek help and guidance from others and stay positive no matter the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions On When Should You Stop Looking For A Shot Deer?


It is essential to know when to stop looking for a shot deer to avoid wasting time and resources. The key is to assess the situation carefully, focusing on the details like shot placement, blood trail, and terrain. If you find a good blood trail, keep following it to track down the wounded animal.

However, if the blood trail appears to be sparse or non-existent, it is better to back off and give the animal time to expire. You should also consider the weather, time of day and the type of weapon used. In case of poor weather conditions, it is essential to take extra time to track the animal down.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is crucial to be patient, cautious, and never give up on finding the animal. Follow these tips, and you will maximize your chances of recovering a shot deer. Happy hunting!

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