Is a .17 HMR Good for Coyote Hunting? Find Out Now!



Is a .17 Hmr Good for Coyote Hunting

Yes, a .17 HMR is good for coyote hunting, as it provides sufficient power and accuracy for taking down coyotes. It is a popular choice among hunters for its performance in varmint hunting.

When it comes to coyote hunting, the. 17 HMR offers a flat trajectory and delivers enough energy to effectively kill coyotes. Additionally, its smaller size and lighter recoil make it easier to handle and shoot accurately. It is important to choose the right ammunition for coyote hunting, avoiding bullets with explosive or excessive fragmentation properties.

Overall, the. 17 HMR is a reliable choice for coyote hunting when used with appropriate ammunition.

Understanding The .17 Hmr Caliber

The. 17 HMR caliber can be used for coyote hunting, but it is not considered the ideal choice. When hunting coyotes, it is recommended to stay away from ammunition such as V-Max or Ballistic Tip.


The. 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) caliber is a popular choice for small game hunting and varmint control. Here is a detailed explanation of what the. 17 HMR caliber is and its characteristics:

  • The .17 HMR is a rimfire cartridge, which means the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge to ignite the primer.
  • It was introduced in 2002 by Hornady and is based on the .22 Magnum case necked down to accept a .17 caliber projectile.
  • The bullet diameter of the .17 HMR is 0.17 inches (4.3mm).
  • It is known for its high velocity and flat trajectory, making it effective for shooting at longer distances.
  • The .17 HMR usually comes in a variety of bullet weights, ranging from 15 to 20 grains.
  • The caliber offers minimal recoil and muzzle blast, making it more comfortable to shoot compared to larger calibers.

Discussing The Ballistic Performance Of .17 Hmr Ammunition:

When considering the suitability of the. 17 HMR caliber for coyote hunting, it’s essential to examine its ballistic performance:

  • The .17 HMR has a high muzzle velocity, often exceeding 2,500 feet per second (fps). This velocity allows for impressive energy transfer upon impact, increasing the chances of a clean kill.
  • It has a relatively flat trajectory, meaning the bullet doesn’t drop as much over long distances. This makes it easier to aim accurately at a coyote.
  • The caliber offers excellent accuracy, making it suitable for shooting at small targets. However, shooting under windy conditions may affect the bullet’s flight path due to its light weight.
  • The .17 HMR is designed for varmint hunting, targeting small animals like rabbits, squirrels, and groundhogs. While it can be effective against coyotes with well-placed shots, it may not be as reliable for larger game.

Highlighting The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using .17 Hmr For Hunting Coyotes:

Before choosing the. 17 HMR caliber for coyote hunting, it’s essential to consider its advantages and disadvantages:


  • The .17 HMR offers high velocity and flat trajectory, making it suitable for longer distance shots.
  • It has minimal recoil and muzzle blast, providing a comfortable shooting experience.
  • The caliber is known for its accuracy, allowing for precise shots at small targets.
  • The rounds are readily available and relatively affordable.


  • The .17 HMR is a small caliber, potentially lacking the stopping power necessary for a quick, ethical kill on larger game like coyotes.
  • The light weight and high velocity of the .17 HMR may cause the bullet to be more susceptible to wind drift.
  • It may not deliver enough energy to penetrate through a coyote’s thick fur and reach vital organs at longer distances.
  • The shot placement must be precise to ensure an effective kill.

While the. 17 HMR caliber can be used for coyote hunting with careful shot placement and within its effective range, it may not be the ideal choice due to its limited stopping power on larger game. Consider using a larger caliber for more reliable and ethical results.

Factors To Consider For Coyote Hunting With .17 Hmr

Considering factors such as shot placement and bullet selection, the. 17 HMR can be effective for coyote hunting. However, it is not the best caliber for this purpose, and hunters should be cautious with bullet types like V-Max or BT (Ballistic Tip) to ensure a quick and ethical kill.

Assessing The Accuracy And Range Of The .17 Hmr Caliber For Coyote Hunting:

  • The .17 HMR caliber is known for its exceptional accuracy, making it a viable option for coyote hunting.
  • With a range of up to 200 yards, the .17 HMR provides ample distance for taking down coyotes effectively.
  • Its flat trajectory and minimal wind drift make it easier to place accurate shots on target.

Discussing The Effectiveness Of Shot Placement And Bullet Selection With .17 Hmr:

  • Shot placement is crucial when hunting coyotes with the .17 HMR caliber. Aim for vital areas such as the heart or lungs for ethical and quick kills.
  • Bullet selection is equally important. Choose bullets specifically designed for varmint hunting, ensuring reliable expansion and sufficient penetration.
  • High-quality ballistic tips or hollow points are popular choices for coyote hunting with the .17 HMR.

Considering The Role Of Personal Shooting Skills And Experience In Using .17 Hmr For Coyote Hunting:

  • Personal shooting skills and experience play a significant role in successful coyote hunting with the .17 HMR.
  • Familiarity with the firearm, understanding its trajectory, and practicing proper shooting techniques are essential for effective results.
  • Time spent honing these skills can greatly impact shot accuracy and overall success in coyote hunting.

Remember, when assessing the accuracy and range of the. 17 HMR for coyote hunting, shot placement and bullet selection are crucial factors, while personal shooting skills and experience can greatly enhance your hunting success.

Alternatives To .17 Hmr For Coyote Hunting

For coyote hunting, while a. 17 HMR can be used, it may not be the most ideal choice. There are alternatives like. 223 Remington or. 22-250 that are better suited for hunting coyotes. These calibers offer more power and accuracy for taking down coyotes effectively.

Exploring Other Calibers Commonly Used For Coyote Hunting:

  • .223 Remington: This caliber is widely considered one of the best options for coyote hunting. It offers a good balance between power and accuracy, making it effective for medium-range shots.
  • .22-250 Remington: Known for its flat trajectory and high velocity, the .22-250 is a popular choice for long-range coyote hunting. It delivers excellent accuracy and has enough power to take down coyotes at extended distances.
  • .243 Winchester: With slightly more power than the .223, the .243 Winchester is capable of delivering a hard-hitting shot with good precision. It is suitable for both close-range and medium-range hunting.
  • .204 Ruger: This cartridge is known for its flat trajectory and high velocity, making it excellent for long-range shooting. It offers minimal recoil and maximum accuracy, making it a favorite among many coyote hunters.

Comparing The Pros And Cons Of Alternative Calibers To .17 Hmr:

  • .223 Remington:
  • Pros: Offers good power and accuracy, suitable for medium-range shots.
  • Cons: Can be loud and has more recoil compared to the .17 HMR.
  • .22-250 Remington:
  • Pros: Provides a flat trajectory and high velocity, ideal for long-range hunting.
  • Cons: Produces more recoil than the .17 HMR and can have a louder report.
  • .243 Winchester:
  • Pros: Delivers a hard-hitting shot with good precision, suitable for close-range and medium-range hunting.
  • Cons: Has more recoil and can be louder than the .17 HMR.
  • .204 Ruger:
  • Pros: Offers a flat trajectory and high velocity, perfect for long-range shooting.
  • Cons: Produces more recoil and noise compared to the .17 HMR.

Discussing The Performance And Suitability Of These Alternatives In Different Hunting Scenarios:

  • For close-range hunting or areas with dense vegetation, the .223 Remington and .243 Winchester are excellent options. Their power and accuracy make them effective for shots within a reasonable distance.
  • If you plan on hunting in open fields or need to take down coyotes at longer distances, the .22-250 Remington and .204 Ruger are more suitable. Their high velocity and flat trajectory allow for precise shooting even at extended ranges.
  • Each caliber has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on personal preference, hunting conditions, and desired shooting range. It’s important to consider factors like recoil, noise, and ammunition availability when selecting the right caliber for your coyote hunting needs.
Is a .17 HMR Good for Coyote Hunting? Find Out Now!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Is A .17 Hmr Good For Coyote Hunting

Is 17 Hmr Or 22 Mag Better For Coyotes?

The. 17 HMR is better for coyotes.

Where Do You Shoot A Coyote With A 17 Hmr?

The best place to shoot a coyote with a 17 HMR is in the vitals for a quick and humane kill.

What Is The Best Caliber For Killing Coyotes?

The best caliber for killing coyotes is. 17 HMR or. 17 HM2.

What Is Good To Hunt With A 17 Hmr?

The 17 HMR is good for hunting coyotes.


To determine if a. 17 HMR is suitable for coyote hunting, we’ve explored various perspectives and considerations. While some sources suggest that the. 17 HMR can be effective in taking down coyotes, it is important to acknowledge that it may not be the ideal caliber for this particular task.

Despite the. 17 HMR’s impressive accuracy and flat trajectory, it lacks the necessary stopping power for larger game. The bullet’s velocity and small size might lead to wounded coyotes rather than instant kills. While it may be tempting to choose the.

17 HMR for its affordability and minimal recoil, it is crucial to prioritize ethical hunting practices and choose a caliber that ensures humane harvests. Opting for more powerful cartridges like the. 223 Remington or. 243 Winchester would provide a better chance of humane, one-shot kills.

Ultimately, the decision to use a. 17 HMR for coyote hunting rests with personal preference, local regulations, and the hunter’s skill level. Assessing the hunting conditions, distances, and shot placement is essential to make an informed decision. Remember, always prioritize the ethical and responsible harvesting of game animals.

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