Are 20 Gauge Shotguns Good for Duck Hunting? Find Out Here!



Are 20 Gauge Shotguns Good for Duck Hunting


Yes, 20 gauge shotguns are good for duck hunting. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and offer reduced recoil with appropriate ammunition.

These shotguns are effective for shooting ducks over decoys and can be a reliable choice for duck hunting. However, it is important to consider factors such as personal preference, shooting skill, and the specific hunting conditions when choosing a shotgun for duck hunting.

Are 20 Gauge Shotguns Good for Duck Hunting? Find Out Here!


The Benefits Of Using A 20 Gauge Shotgun For Duck Hunting

The 20 gauge shotgun is a popular choice for duck hunting due to its lightweight and fast-handling design. With the right loads, it offers a softer shooting experience while still being effective in taking down ducks over decoys.

The Benefits of Using a 20 Gauge Shotgun for Duck Hunting
Light and Fast-handling: A 20-gauge shotgun is known for its lightweight design, making it easier to handle and carry during a day of duck hunting. The lighter weight allows for quicker target acquisition and smooth swings, resulting in better accuracy and overall shooting performance.
Softer-shooting with the Right Loads: Despite being smaller than a 12-gauge, the 20-gauge can still deliver enough power to effectively take down ducks. Additionally, with the right loads and proper shot selection, the 20-gauge can provide a softer recoil compared to its larger counterparts. This makes it more comfortable to shoot, especially for those who prefer a less aggressive recoil experience.
Effective on Ducks Over Decoys: When hunting ducks over decoys, precision and accuracy are crucial. The 20-gauge shotgun excels in this scenario as its smaller shot size pattern adjusts well for close-range shots, ensuring a higher chance of hitting the target. Its versatility makes it a reliable choice for hunters looking to harvest ducks in decoy spread situations.

Light And Fast-handling

Light and Fast-handling: 20 gauge shotguns are a popular choice for duck hunting due to their light weight and fast-handling characteristics. These shotguns are easier to carry for long periods in marshes and swamps, allowing hunters to cover more ground and seek out new opportunities.

Maneuverability in Tight Spaces: The compact size of a 20 gauge shotgun allows for better maneuverability in tight spaces, such as dense vegetation or small blinds. This makes it easier for hunters to position themselves for the perfect shot without alerting the ducks.

Easy to Carry for Long Periods: One of the advantages of a 20 gauge shotgun is its lighter weight compared to larger gauges. This makes it more comfortable to carry for extended periods, reducing fatigue and increasing overall hunting efficiency.

Quick Target Acquisition: With a 20 gauge shotgun, hunters can quickly acquire and track targets, providing them with a higher chance of success when shooting at fast-moving ducks. The lighter recoil also allows for faster follow-up shots, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.

Softer-shooting With The Right Loads

20 gauge shotguns are a popular choice for duck hunting due to their softer-shooting capabilities with the right loads. The relatively milder recoil of a 20 gauge shotgun reduces fatigue during extended hunts, allowing hunters to stay in the field for longer periods without discomfort. Additionally, the reduced recoil also contributes to better accuracy and follow-up shots, enabling hunters to have more successful and efficient hunts.

When it comes to ducks over decoys, the 20 gauge shotgun proves to be light and fast-handling, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. It is effective enough to take down ducks and provides enough power for successful kills.

In conclusion, 20 gauge shotguns are a good choice for duck hunting as they offer a balance between recoil management, maneuverability, and effectiveness. It is a reliable option for hunters looking to have a successful and comfortable hunting experience.

Effective On Ducks Over Decoys

Effective on Ducks Over Decoys
Ideal for Close-range Shooting

20 gauge shotguns are an excellent choice for duck hunting, especially when it comes to hunting ducks over decoys. Their light weight and fast-handling characteristics make them ideal for close-range shooting. With the right loads, they can deliver adequate power to take down ducks effectively.

When hunting ducks over decoys, it’s essential to have a shotgun that offers versatility in different hunting situations. The 20 gauge shotgun provides just that. Whether you’re hunting in marshes or fields, the 20 gauge shotgun can adapt to various hunting environments.

Overall, the 20 gauge shotgun is a reliable option for duck hunting. Its effectiveness on ducks over decoys, combined with its suitability for close-range shooting and versatility in different hunting situations, make it a top choice for avid duck hunters.

Frequently Asked Questions On Are 20 Gauge Shotguns Good For Duck Hunting

Is A 12 Or 20-gauge Better For Duck Hunting?

The 12-gauge is better for duck hunting. It is lighter, faster, softer-shooting with the right loads, and effective on ducks over decoys.

What Animals Can You Hunt With A 20 Gauge Shotgun?

A 20 gauge shotgun can be used to hunt ducks over decoys effectively, as it is light, fast-handling, and softer-shooting with the right loads. It can also be used to hunt geese with all shotgun gauges.

Is A 20-gauge A Good Waterfowl Gun?

Yes, a 20-gauge can be a good waterfowl gun. It is light, fast-handling, and effective for hunting ducks over decoys. With the right loads, it provides a softer shooting experience and is capable of killing geese as well.

What Is The Best Shot Size For A 20-gauge Duck Gun?

The best shot size for a 20-gauge duck gun is typically #3 or #4. These sizes provide a good balance of shot density and energy for effective duck hunting.


To sum up, 20 gauge shotguns can be a great choice for duck hunting, particularly when targeting ducks over decoys. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and can deliver effective results with the appropriate loads. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a beginner, a 20 gauge shotgun can provide a softer shooting experience without compromising on effectiveness.

So next time you plan your duck hunting trip, consider picking up a 20 gauge shotgun for a satisfying and successful adventure.


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