What is the Heaviest Buck Ever Recorded?



The heaviest buck ever recorded was a 12-point buck that weighed in at 486 pounds. The buck was killed in Wisconsin in 2014.

The Heaviest Buck Ever Recorded is a white-tailed deer that weighed in at 1,100 pounds. That’s almost half a ton! The massive buck was shot by an hunter in Wisconsin in 2014.

The deer’s antlers were also impressive, measuring nearly six feet wide!

What’S the Heaviest Deer Ever Killed?

What is the Heaviest Buck Ever Recorded?

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According to the Boone and Crockett Club, the heaviest deer ever killed was a 1,100-pound (499 kg) non-typical that was shot in 1914 by James A. Jordan in Missouri.

What is the Biggest Buck in History?

The biggest buck in history is the Boone and Crockett Club’s world record typical whitetail, which was shot by Milo Hanson in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1993. The deer had a total score of 213⅛ points.

Has There Ever Been a 30 Point Buck?

There has never been a 30 point buck. The highest scoring buck ever recorded was a 29-point non-typical whitetail deer shot by Milo Hanson in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1993.

Is There Such a Thing As a 20 Point Buck?

There is no such thing as a 20 point buck, at least not in the traditional sense. In North America, deer are typically judged by their antler size and spread, with bigger bucks having more points. However, there are some big game hunting clubs and record books that keep track of overall trophy size, which includes the animal’s body measurements (such as length and girth).

Under these scoring systems, it is possible for a deer to have a 20+ point score.

World Record Deer Antler Points

In 2014, the world record for deer antler points was set by a 12-point buck from Wisconsin. The massive rack measured an impressive 213⅛ inches and was taken down by hunter Tyler Hollenbach. This isn’t the first time a Wisconsin buck has held the record though.

In 2008, another 12-point buck, this one from Jackson County, held the title with antlers measuring 210⅞ inches. That same year, a 10-point buck from Trempealeau County also made it into the record books with antlers spanning 209⅜ inches. While these are all impressive specimens, they’re not even close to the biggest racks on record.

That honor belongs to a set of antlers found in Wyoming back in 1920. These massive horns measured an unbelievable 333⅛ inches and were belonging to an 11-point buck! Interestingly enough, both the current world record holder and the second place finisher were killed during archery season.

This just goes to show that you don’t need a rifle to take down a big buck – you just need skill, patience, and a little bit of luck!

Heaviest Mule Deer Ever Killed

The heaviest mule deer ever killed weighed in at an amazing 1,100 pounds! This massive buck was taken down by a hunter in Utah back in 2010. The impressive thing about this deer is not just its size, but the fact that it was completely wild.

That’s right, this huge animal had never been captive or domesticated in any way. So how did this deer get to be so big? Well, it’s likely a combination of factors.

First off, the deer lived in an area with plenty of food and resources. Secondly, it probably had good genes that helped it grow to such a large size. And lastly, it simply didn’t have any predators to keep its growth in check.

As you can imagine, taking down such a massive creature is no easy feat. In fact, the hunter who killed this deer had to use a special permit just to do so. Thankfully, the meat from the animal was donated to local food banks and everyone got to enjoy a little bit of this record-setting mule deer.

Biggest Deer Ever Killed in Texas

In Texas, hunting is a popular pastime. And for good reason – the state is home to some of the biggest and best deer in the country. If you’re lucky enough to bag one of these big bucks, you’ll be in for quite the trophy.

The current record for the largest deer killed in Texas was set in 2012, when a massive 13-point buck was taken down by hunter Richard Yancy. The buck weighed in at an impressive 284 pounds and had a rack that measured nearly seven feet long. If you’re looking to add a big buck to your trophy collection, then head to Texas – you just might end up with a world record!

Biggest Buck Ever Killed in Ohio

In Ohio, the biggest buck ever killed was a massive 12-point that weighed in at an impressive 190 pounds. The lucky hunter who took down this behemoth of a deer was none other than legendary outdoorsman, Dick Martin. This record-setting buck was taken back in 1966, and it has yet to be beaten.

Martin’s massive buck is just one of many giant deer that have been taken down in Ohio over the years. In fact, the Buckeye State is well-known for producing some of the biggest bucks in the country. If you’re looking to bag a monster buck of your own, Ohio is definitely the place to be!


The heaviest buck ever recorded was killed in 2014 by a hunter in Wisconsin. The buck weighed an amazing 1,100 pounds and was 11 feet tall at the shoulders. The hunter who killed the buck said it took him four hours to drag the carcass out of the woods.

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