What is the Best Thing to Attract Bucks?



Food plots are the best thing to attract bucks. These plots provide a sustained food source and create an optimal environment for deer to flourish.

Food plots have become a common management practice for whitetail deer. These plots are planted with a variety of vegetation that deer naturally eat, such as clover, brassicas and rye. Food plots provide important nutrients to deer, and also create the necessary environment to boost a deer’s nutritional intake which contributes to their continued healthy growth. Food plots should be maintained and strategically placed near bedding areas or travel corridors, giving bucks a good reason to frequent the area. Hunting near a food plot can also significantly increase your chances of harvesting a mature buck. While there are other ways to attract bucks, like using scents or calling, food plots are a reliable and effective method to attract deer and ensure their sustained health and growth.

What is the Best Thing to Attract Bucks?

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Understanding Deer Behavior

Understanding deer behavior is key to attracting bucks. Scent and smell play a vital role because deer possess an incredibly keen sense of smell. You can use deer urine or scent to lure bucks to specific areas. However, it’s important to note that habitat is equally as important as scent.

Bucks seek out safe and secure areas that offer ample food and water sources. Land with a mix of mature trees, shrubs and grasses is ideal. Additionally, avoid overhunting an area and make sure to maintain proper scent control. By focusing on the role of scent and smell, as well as habitat, you can successfully attract bucks to your property.

Food For Bucks

To attract bucks, it’s crucial to understand their nutritional needs. Certain plants, like clovers and soybeans, can be a great food source for them. However, it’s important to supply them with adequate protein and minerals as well. Feeding techniques, such as timed feeders and food plots, can increase their food intake and keep them coming back.

Just remember to follow local laws and regulations when feeding deer. Providing the right food can help bucks grow bigger antlers and improve their overall health.

Scouting For Bucks

Scouting for bucks is a critical component of a successful hunting season. One effective method is using trail cameras to monitor deer activity. The cameras can capture pictures and videos of the bucks, giving hunters a better understanding of their patterns and habits.

Another way to scout for bucks is by analyzing deer sign and tracks. By learning to decipher the different marks left by bucks, hunters can locate popular feeding and bedding areas. These techniques can provide valuable insights into the behavior of bucks, increasing the likelihood of a successful hunt.

Remember, scouting for bucks requires patience and attention to detail, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Happy hunting!

Techniques For Hunting Bucks

The key to attracting bucks while hunting is to use the right hunting equipment and techniques. You’ll need a high-powered rifle, a scent-neutralizer and camouflaged clothing. From there, it’s important to scout the area beforehand and use calls to lure the bucks.

Try using rattling antlers to stimulate a natural fight between bucks and consider using a stand to increase your visibility. Don’t forget to take the wind into consideration and position yourself downwind from where you expect the bucks to be.

With the right equipment and techniques, you’ll increase your chances of a successful hunt and attract the most bucks possible. Happy hunting!


Effective deer hunting is not only about luck but also requires a multifaceted approach. Understanding deer behavior is essential as it helps you identify the best feeding and breeding areas for the bucks. Creating the right habitat by providing cover helps the bucks feel secure on your property, leading to their attraction.

Offering food strategically, including crops and food plots, helps in attracting and keeping more deer on your property. Scouting for bucks is another essential aspect as it enables you to identify their movement patterns, feeding areas, and preferred bedding spots.

Utilizing the right hunting techniques like using scents and calling can also be useful. By following these tips, you can attract more bucks to your property and enjoy successful hunts.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is The Best Thing To Attract Bucks?

What Is The Best Food To Attract Bucks?

Buck’s favorite food includes clover, wheat, alfalfa, and soybeans. By planting these crops, a person can attract bucks to their property all year round.

What Is The Best Time To Attract Bucks?

The best time to attract bucks is during the rut season, which lasts from late october to early december. It is when bucks are looking for does, and they’re more active and visible during daylight hours.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Attract Bucks?

The most effective way is to set up a feeding station or food plot on your property. You can also use deer attractant sprays, scent lures, and mock scrapes to attract bucks.

What Type Of Habitat Attracts Bucks?

Bucks are attracted to areas with low vegetation cover, such as meadows, clearcuts, and open fields. They also prefer a mix of dense and open forest cover, which provides both food and shelter.

How Do You Create A Deer-Friendly Environment On Your Property?

Create a healthy habitat by planting trees and shrubs that produce food and cover, dig small ponds and mucky areas, set up mineral stations, feeding and drinking areas, and maintain the property to provide cover and a healthy ecosystem.


Attracting bucks to your area can be done through a variety of methods. From providing the right habitat to offering quality food sources and minimizing disturbances, there are many ways to appeal to these majestic animals. Whether you use scent attractants, invest in hunting blinds, or implement a strict management plan, it’s important to keep your goals and your ethics in mind.

While it may be tempting to use every trick in the book to bring bucks in close, it’s important to remember that responsible hunting and conservation should always take priority. By balancing your approach and creating a well-rounded strategy, you can increase your chances of attracting bucks to your property and ensure that your hunting experience is both safe and successful.

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