What is the Bag Limit for Deer in Ohio



In Ohio, the bag limit for deer is six per hunter. This includes any combination of bucks and does, but only two may be antlered bucks.

The bag limit for deer in Ohio is four deer per hunter. This means that a hunter can kill a maximum of four deer during the hunting season. The bag limit helps to ensure that the deer population remains healthy and sustainable.

How Many Deer Can a Land Owner Take in Ohio?

In Ohio, a landowner can take an unlimited number of deer on their own property. If the landowner leases their property to another party, the lessee is only allowed to take two deer per year. The bag limit for deer in Ohio is six per hunter.

Can You Shoot 2 Deer a Day in Ohio?

No, you cannot shoot 2 deer a day in Ohio. The state of Ohio only allows for the taking of one deer per day.

Can You Shoot a Deer on Your Property Without a License in Ohio?

In Ohio, anyone who wishes to take deer must first obtain a license from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The cost of a resident deer hunting license is $19.50 and the cost of a non-resident deer hunting license is $125. There are also various other licenses and permits that may be required in order to hunt deer in Ohio.

For more information on obtaining a license to hunt deer in Ohio, please visit the ODNR website.

What is the Rut Prediction for 2022?

The rut prediction for the year 2022 is said to be around the same time as it was this year. Though, of course, this can change due to a number of factors such as weather conditions and food availability. The peak of the rut is typically in November, so hunters can expect similar activity levels then.

What is the Bag Limit for Deer in Ohio

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Odnr 2022-2023 Hunting Regulations

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has announced the proposed hunting regulations for the 2022-2023 season. The proposed changes include:

• extending the deer archery season by one week, from September 29 – January 5;
• allowing the use of crossbows during the entire deer archery season;

• establishing a two-day early teal season in September.


In Ohio, the bag limit for deer is six. This means that a person can only kill six deer in a season. The season runs from October 1st to January 31st.

There are different rules for different areas of the state, so it is important to know where you will be hunting before you go out.

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