Unlocking the Mystery: What Makes Deer Drawn to Certain Foods?



Deer are attracted to foods that are rich in carbohydrates and proteins such as fruits, nuts, acorns, and grains. These foods provide them with the necessary nutrients and energy to survive and reproduce.

Deer have always been a fascinating animal for many people, both hunters and non-hunters alike. They are elusive creatures that have adapted to various environments and are known to consume a diverse range of plants. However, some foods are irresistible to them.

Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or a hunter, knowing the kind of foods that deer crave can help you better understand their behavior and how to attract them. In this article, we will explore what is irresistible to deer and how to make the most of this knowledge to your advantage.

Unlocking the Mystery: What Makes Deer Drawn to Certain Foods?

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The Role Of Scent In Attracting Deer

Scent plays a vital role in attracting deer, and the following scents are irresistible to them: acorns, clover, doe urine, apple cider vinegar, crabapples, persimmons, cedar, pine and apple. Each scent has a unique appeal and can be used depending on the season and habitat.

Acorns and apples are best used during the fall, while persimmons and crabapples are ideal during the winter. Doe urine is effective throughout the year, while cedar and pine work well in any season. Understanding the role of scent in attracting deer can help hunters select the right blend to lure in their target.

Food Is A Powerful Motivator: The Best Deer Feeders

Deer are attracted to a variety of foods, making it important to invest in a quality feeder that will encourage their visit. Gravity feeders are an economical and efficient option for offering a consistent food source. Spin feeders are another option, perfect for larger areas and providing the benefit of adjustable feeding times.

Protein feeders are recommended for maintaining healthy antlers and overall condition. Corn, soybean, alfalfa, and deer protein pellets are all popular deer feed options. Research the best options for your area and keep the feeder filled. With a little investment, food motivation will bring these beautiful creatures right to your backyard.

Effective Planting For Deer Population

Planting crops that are attractive to deer can be an effective way to increase deer population. Apples, pears, peas, radishes, clover, and plain seed are all irresistible to deer. No-till planting and disturbed soil planting techniques are also recommended for optimal growth.

When planting these crops, it is important to take into consideration the time of year, sun exposure, and soil moisture. Implementing these planting techniques can create an environment that deer cannot resist, leading to a thriving population. By creating a space specifically tailored to deer’s dietary preferences, you can attract and maintain a healthy population in your area.

Beyond Food: Other Factors That Attract Deer

Deer are enticed by more than just food. A river or stream provides access to water, and deer are naturally attracted to water. Ponds offer the same advantage, as well as potential for food. Hills and valleys offer different living environments, as do areas with mixed vegetation.

Deer are adaptable and will seek out the environment that suits them best. The key to attracting deer is to provide an environment that offers a range of living conditions. In addition to food sources, providing access to water and a diverse range of environments will make your land irresistible to these majestic creatures.

Understanding what makes an area attractive to deer can help you create a welcoming environment for them.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is Irresistible To Deer?

What Are Some Plants That Deer Find Irresistible?

Deer find plants like hostas, daylilies, and tulips irresistible. They also target fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, beans, and peas.

Are There Any Deer Repellent Methods That Work?

Yes, there are several deer repellent methods that work including using scents like garlic and hot pepper, installing fencing, using motion-activated sprinklers, and planting deer-resistant plants.

Can Deer See Through Camouflage Clothing?

Deer have good eyesight, and some patterns or colors may not effectively camouflage a hunter. It’s best to wear clothing that breaks up the human form and matches the environment.

What Type Of Habitat Do Deer Prefer?

Deer prefer habitats that offer them food, water, and cover as well as areas with dense vegetation. They can be found in forests, fields, and even suburban areas.

What Are The Best Times Of Day To Hunt Deer?

The best times of day to hunt deer are typically during the early morning and late evening hours when deer are most active. However, deer can also be found during midday hours in cooler weather.


As we wrap up this post about what is irresistible to deer, we can conclude that there are several factors that determine a deer’s food preference. While it’s true that deer love most plants, they tend to have a soft spot for anything sweet and juicy.

For that reason, planting fruit trees and other plants with high sugar content is an excellent way to lure deer to your property. Additionally, ensuring a year-round supply of food by planting a diverse range of plants will increase the chances of deer visiting your yard or garden.

It’s essential to keep in mind that luring deer to your property can also have its downsides, including property damage, the spread of diseases, and other issues. It’s up to you to decide whether attracting deer is beneficial or not.

Ultimately, understanding what is irresistible to deer will help you make an informed decision.

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