How to Banish Mothball Smell in Your Camper – Tips & Tricks



To get rid of mothball smell in a camper, thoroughly clean the interior and place bowls of vinegar or coffee grounds inside. Camping is an enjoyable activity that allows us to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature.

Unfortunately, mothball odor can take away from that pleasant experience. Mothballs are used to repel pests, but the smell can linger long after their job is done. The smell can be overpowering and hard to remove, but it is not impossible.

This article will provide tips on how to get rid of the mothball smell in your camper, including deep cleaning and using natural odor-absorbing agents. By following these strategies, you can enjoy a fresh-smelling and comfortable camping experience.

How to Banish Mothball Smell in Your Camper - Tips & Tricks


Why Mothballs Leave A Lingering Odor

Mothballs are commonly used in camper storage spaces to repel pests, but they leave a distinct and unpleasant odour. This is due to their chemical composition, containing either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. These chemicals sublimate, meaning they transform from a solid to a gas and release the scent that we associate with mothballs.

While they effectively keep pests away, mothballs can also have adverse effects on those who spend time in the camper. They can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Additionally, the odour lingers and permeates fabrics and surfaces in the camper. Airing out the area, using activated charcoal, or natural alternatives like cedar chips can help remove the smell.

By understanding how mothballs work and their effects on your surroundings, you can effectively banish their unpleasant odour from your camper.

Avoiding Mothballs

Banishing mothball smell in your camper can be a daunting task, but there are ways to avoid them. Essential oils like peppermint or lavender can repel moths. Cedarwood is also effective in repelling them. Sachets filled with lavender or cedar can be used to keep your space smelling fresh.

Vacuum-sealed storage bags can also keep clothes and linens safe from moths. Regular cleaning of your camper, especially storage spaces, can prevent moth infestations. By following these tips and tricks, you can eliminate the mothball smell and keep your camper smelling fresh.


Air It Out

Banishing mothball smell in a camper is a common issue that requires thorough ventilation. Start by opening windows and doors to let fresh air in. Use fans to circulate air, and don’t forget to open cabinets and drawers. Timing is essential when airing out your camper, so do it during dry and sunny weather conditions.

Make sure to repeat the process until the smell is gone. Proper ventilation is key to getting rid of this unpleasant odor, so take the time to do it right. You’ll be grateful for a fresh-smelling camper on your next trip!

Deep Cleaning

To banish mothball smell in your camper, you need to deep clean everything. Start with removing all textiles, including curtains, bedspreads, and cushions. Clean the walls and floors thoroughly, focusing on areas where mothballs could have been placed. Shampoo or replace fabric seats and bedding to get rid of any lingering odors.

Remember to keep your camper ventilated during this process to let the smell escape. By taking these steps, your camper will no longer have a mothball smell, and you will be able to enjoy your camping trips without any unpleasant odors.

Odor Elimination Products

Eliminating the mothball smell in your camper can be a challenge. However, there are some products that can help banish this annoying smell. Charcoal bags are a popular option as they absorb odors naturally. Odor-eliminating sprays, on the other hand, work well for instant relief.

Ionic purifiers are another option, and they are very effective in removing all kinds of odors. Zeolite rocks are also a great alternative, as they can absorb even the toughest of odors. Choose the product that works best for you, and your camper will smell fresh and clean in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get Rid Of Mothball Smell In Camper

How Can Mothball Smell Be Removed From A Camper?

The first step is to remove all mothballs from the camper and wash all upholstery, curtains, and linens with a strong odor remover. Wipe all hard surfaces with a mix of equal parts vinegar and water and leave open containers of baking soda in the camper to absorb any remaining odors.

How Long Does It Take To Remove Mothball Smell From A Camper?

Depending on the severity of the odor, it can take several days to several weeks to remove the mothball smell from a camper. Constant cleaning and airing out the camper will speed up the process.

What Are Alternative Methods To Remove Mothball Smell From A Camper?

Some alternative methods include using activated charcoal, coffee grounds, or essential oils to absorb or mask the mothball odor. You can also try placing bowls filled with white vinegar around the camper or using odour-removing sprays specifically designed for vehicles and campers.


Getting rid of the mothball smell in a camper requires a combination of thorough cleaning, airing out, and using alternative odour absorbers. The first step is to locate and remove any remaining mothballs, followed by thorough cleaning with a solution of vinegar and water or baking soda and water.

Airing out the camper is crucial, allowing fresh air to circulate for several days. Alternative odor-absorbing methods such as activated charcoal, odor-eliminating sprays, or essential oils can be used as well. It’s important to note that prevention is key when it comes to mothball odours.


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