Goose Hunting Ottawa: Uncover the Best Spots and Strategies



For goose hunting in Ottawa, Canada, some recommended options include Ducks Unlimited Canada (+1 613-565-2525), Rideau Valley Outdoors (+1 613-284-7825), and St. Lawrence Outfitters Inc. (+1 613-802-0238). These hunting clubs offer guided hunts and are located in Morrisburg, ON, Smiths Falls, ON, and Ottawa, respectively.

The Top Locations For Goose Hunting In Ottawa

Looking for the top locations to go goose hunting in Ottawa? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the potential areas for a successful hunt. The impact of geography and habitat on goose populations cannot be overlooked.

From Newcastle on Lake Ontario to Belleville, the area offers potential for geese. The Kawartha Lakes, Lake Ontario, and small ponds provide overnight resting spots for geese. If you’re looking for the best goose hunting in Canada, Saskatchewan has long been considered the world’s leading waterfowl hunting destination.

Eagle Lake in Ontario is another great spot, offering unpressured ducks and geese all season. So gear up and get ready for an exciting goose hunting adventure in Ottawa!

Effective Strategies For Goose Hunting In Ottawa

Ottawa is a prime location for goose hunting, but to ensure a successful hunt, it’s important to understand the behavior and migration patterns of geese. By studying their habits, you can effectively set up decoys and blinds in strategic locations.

Additionally, selecting the right calls and techniques for attracting geese is crucial. It’s recommended to vary your calls and experiment with different techniques to increase your chances of success. By following these strategies, you can optimize your goose hunting experience in Ottawa and increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Gear And Equipment For A Successful Goose Hunt

When planning a successful goose hunt in Ottawa, it’s crucial to choose the right firearm and ammunition. This ensures accuracy and effectiveness when targeting geese. Additionally, clothing and gear play a significant role in both comfort and camouflage. Opt for attire that keeps you warm and blends into the surroundings, allowing you to remain undetected by the geese.

Equip yourself with essential items such as a blind, decoys, and calls to attract and deceive the geese. Proper gear and equipment are vital for a fruitful goose hunting experience in Ottawa.

Goose Hunting Ottawa: Uncover the Best Spots and Strategies


Frequently Asked Questions Of Goose Hunting Ottawa

Where Can I Hunt Canada Geese In Ontario?

You can hunt Canada geese in Ontario in areas such as Newcastle, Kawartha Lakes, Tweed, and Belleville. Lake Ontario and various ponds provide resting spots.

Where Is The Best Goose Hunting In Canada?

The best goose hunting in Canada can be found in Saskatchewan, known as the world’s top waterfowl hunting destination.

Can You Hunt Geese In Ontario?

Yes, you can hunt geese in Ontario. The area offers potential for geese hunting, including Lake Ontario, the Kawartha Lakes, and small ponds.

Where Is The Best Waterfowl Hunting In Ontario?

The best waterfowl hunting in Ontario can be found around Eagle Lake, Ontario and the surrounding area.


Ottawa, Canada offers exceptional opportunities for goose hunting. With its vast array of lakes, ponds, and resting spots, the area provides prime locations for geese to migrate and settle. From Newcastle on Lake Ontario to the Kawartha Lakes, and even as far south as Belleville, Central Ontario proves to be a haven for waterfowl hunting enthusiasts.

Additionally, the surrounding area, such as Eagle Lake, offers overlooked yet outstanding waterfowl hunting experiences with unpressured ducks and geese. If you’re looking for an unforgettable hunting adventure, Ottawa should be at the top of your list. Whether you choose to go guided or explore the fields on your own, the thrill of goose hunting in this region is unmatched.

So grab your gear and get ready to experience the excitement and beauty of goose hunting in Ottawa.

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