Best Survival Hacks of Summer Camping in 2024



Best Survival Hacks of Summer Camping

One of the best things about summer camping is that it allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some time in nature. However, summer camping can also be a hot, sticky, mosquito-filled nightmare if you need more preparation. Luckily, a few simple hacks can help make your summer camping trip more enjoyable.

One of the best things about summer is being able to go camping! However, even though it’s a lot of fun, it can also be challenging. Here are some Best Survival Hacks for Summer Camping. Which will help you make the most of your summer camping trip!

Best Survival Hacks of Summer Camping

1. Don’t forget the insect repellent

Mosquitoes and other bugs can ruin a good camping trip quickly! Be sure to pack some insect repellent and keep it handy.

 2. Bring along some baby wipes

Baby wipes are great for cleaning up after hiking or playing in the woods after a long day. They’re also perfect for freshening up before bedtime.

3. Pack extra sunscreen 

You always want to be prepared when spending time outdoors in the sun. Pack extra sunscreen, so you don’t get caught without it! 

4. Invest in a good camp stove

A camp stove will be handy for cooking meals while you’re away from home. Choose one that is easy to set up and use so you can enjoy hassle-free cooking all trip long.

How Do I Prepare for Summer Camping?

How Do I Prepare for Summer Camping?

Assuming you would like tips for preparing to go camping in the summer:

1. Choose your destination – different research campgrounds or areas you would like to visit. Consider how long of a drive it is, what amenities are available, what activities are nearby, etc.

2. Make a packing list- start with the basics like a tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, cookware, lanterns or flashlights, first aid kit, etc., and add from there based on your specific needs and what kind of camping trip you’re planning.

3. Get your gear ready- ensure all of your equipment is in good working order and you know how to use it before heading out on your trip. This includes learning how to set up your tent or fire without matches. 

4. Plan your meals– decide what you’re going to eat ahead of time and pack accordingly. If you’re cooking over a campfire, simple recipes that don’t require too many ingredients are best. Remember snacks and drinks! 

5. Pack for the weather– check the forecast for where you’ll be camping and dress appropriately. Layering is always a good idea in case the temperature drops at night or changes throughout the day. Be prepared for rain by bringing along a tarp or canopy as well as extra clothes if necessary

How Do You Make Camping Life Easier?

How Do You Make Camping Life Easier?

Assuming you would like tips on making camping life easier:

1. Choose your campsite wisely- this can make a big difference in your overall experience. Try to pick a spot close to amenities like water and bathrooms, but it still has some privacy. 

2. Set up your tent ahead of time, so you’re not scrambling to do it in the dark later. This will also help you better understand how much space you have to work with and where everything should go.

3. Invest in good quality gear- this doesn’t have to be expensive, but having things that are easy to set up and comfortable to use will make your life much easier. Something like an air mattress, camp chairs, and a small table can make a difference.

4. Make sure you pack plenty of food, snacks, and drinks (including water!) Having enough to eat is key to enjoying your time camping, so take advantage of this part!

5. Plan some activities so you’re not just sitting around with nothing to do. This could include hiking, fishing, or even playing games near your campsite.

6. Finally, remember that camping is supposed to be fun!

Costco Camping Hacks

Are you a fan of camping? If so, have you ever considered using Costco as your go-to spot for camping gear? Believe it or not, Costco offers a lot regarding camping – from tents and sleeping bags to coolers and portable grills. 

Not to mention, their prices are pretty darn good too! To help get you started, here are 10 Costco camping hacks that every camper should know about:

1. You can find some fantastic deals on tents at Costco. Just check the return policy before purchasing, as some items (like tents) may have different return policies than other items.

2. Sleeping bags are another fantastic item to buy at Costco. Again, be sure to check the return policy beforehand. 

3. Regarding coolers, Costa has a few options available – including one with wheels for easy transport. Perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold all weekend long!

4. Portable grills are ideal for cooking burgers and hot dogs while camping. And yes, you guessed it – Costco has them! Just be sure to grab some propane while you’re there too.


Summer camp is the perfect time to teach your kids some essential survival skills. However, Now you know the Best Survival Hacks for Summer Camping. Well, Here are More of the best hacks to help them (and you) stay safe and comfortable while camping:

1. Have a plan. 

Before you leave for camp, sit down with your kids and plan what to do if they get lost or separated from the group. Choose a meeting place, agree on a few essential hand signals, and ensure everyone knows how to use a compass.

2. Dress appropriately. 

You might not be able to control the weather, but you can control what your kids wear. Make sure they have plenty of layers to stay warm or cool as needed and pack rain gear just in case.

3. Be prepared for emergencies.

  • First-aid kit? Check! Flashlight?
  • Check! Extra batteries? Check!

Help your kids develop respect for their surroundings by teaching them Leave No Trace principles like packing out trash and being careful with fire.

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